The project:

Discovery is a exploration into the minds of two artists. This is a space we created to show people what goes on in our minds. Our fears, hopes, drive, peeves, struggles and hopefully victories. With this we aim to show people that artistic capability is not a given talent but something that everyone can do as long as you put in the required effort.

The artists:


Yes, well then. I'm a concept artist and illustrator in the entertainment industry. I've been doing this long enough to realize you don't really like reading these things because they never have the info you want. Like, how old is this guy? Does he have a twitter, maybe it's on there. Or facebook. Hm. Well, I will just let you google it.

Aside from painting I also love teaching and talking a lot. I'm talking serious amounts of talking. So, I give talks. However, that's only for a few hours out of each year, which to me sounds like not enough. By far. Hence, we find ourselves here, in the twilight age of blog posts where I can write until my hearts content. Oh joy, dear reader of mine, such fun we shall have! Look, here is some stuff I say:


Robin is a international man of mystery, a bold explorer, devilishly handsome hero and in real life a 3D modeler. He also likes to talk to himself in third person, especially when he forgot to write his own bio...

Tags for Robin: Magic the Gathering, 3D, movies, Game of Thrones, Waffles, Beards and Archery. Yay!